Tax Research Software Slows You Down

As popular tax research software, such as CCH, RIA Checkpoint and BNA, seemed a bit cumbersome, we were determined to make tax research faster & easier. By creating a custom tax focused search engine using Google, we were able to quickly look up tax codes and relevant citations in a single browser button.

a Faster Tax Search

Our frustrations became the impetus for this new tax research tool. It was so useful, that it became popular with colleagues and eventually gained interest through the Research Resources page on TaxAlmanac.com. Since its launch, the search engine has been cited by local tax associations, the University of California Law Library and various other websites. Over the past two years, there have been 700-1000 queries per month. It’s really rewarding to see that it continues to help so many!

Our Mission

The launch of our custom tax search engine at TaxSearch.org, along with a number of exciting planned features (including: advanced search filtering, a user community for discussion of tax research best practices and tax research product reviews from across the industry) are built to help accountants, lawyers and tax researchers spend less time researching and more time creating innovative solutions for their clients.

We love feedback! Drop us a note or give us your two cents on our blog and we will do our best to respond.